You've found yourself at the home of the most comprehensive list of current met art free sample galleries on the net. I can honestly say not one stone has been left unturned in the search. Thanks to the people running the met-art cracker utility a huge number of free galleries have been found. There are just currently over 140 photographers listed in the database and over 4000 galleries have been found.

All the galleries can be viewed from the left hand panel, there are a few different views, image, list, slideshow and low bandwidth, non java, no frame. Its tested under IE 8, Firefox (latest-stable), Google Chrome and Opera feedback welcome with problems under different browsers. Slideshow makes for quite a good screen saver if left on random.

Met-Art Cracker Thumbnail

The searching tool I wrote, Met-Art Cracker is capable of downloading every image known direct from Met-Art but it does search Met-Art for more galleries at the same time, that is, if there is anything left to search. To as of May 2010 it downloads 95,381 photos totaling 15 GB.

slide show

All pictures are copyright Met-Art and all images are served directly from their servers, there is no image cache at all at some-dodgy.

Any comments, suggestions or bugs with the webpage or cracker are more than welcome, you can post anything that's not a viagra or med advert on the blog.

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